The Hotel

T Shop

The T Shop, a quintessentially Italian boutique, is located in the Palace courtyard, “La Corte”. This unique world is filled with objets de curiosités inspired by the owners’ personal interpretation of the dolce vita.

A place for browsing and selecting the perfect souvenir, so you can take home your very own piece of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

T Shop is open daily from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

Bobo, the Teddy Bear

Bobo, the Teddy Bear, Mascot at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

The Teddy bear has won the heart of young and old and has become a precious collector’s item. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo have given Bobo, a cute teddy with a T-shirt, the task to preserve this tradition. His cave lies in the heart of the park and his adorable presence will make everyone’s holiday memorable.

Our Books

An autobiography and a journey – the books of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Embedded with precious vintage photos, these two marvellous works tell the story of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo from its foundation to the present day.

An autobiography recounts the first twelve years of the hotel in the words of Mariuccia Gandola, daughter of the founders. The meticulous and rich narrative focuses on a time of splendour with atmospheres reminiscent of the Great Gatsby’s elegance and affluence. Writers, musicians, aristocrats and politicians from every corner of Europe would come to the shores of Lake Como to relax and take recreation from playing sports, strolling and sailing along the stunning coastline.  

A journey takes the reader’s imagination to the gorgeous villas surrounding the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, recalling their past and putting it into today’s context. In this work the countless links between Lake Como and cinema, art and culture come to life. The reader will also discover numerous enchanting itineraries through the villages and taverns where the typical “lariana” cuisine can be savoured. Every corner of this unique place has been witness to important historical events and host to their protagonists.

Aquae di Como

The magic of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is palpable and impalpable at the same time. This lies in the hotel’s refined luxury, in the unique style of its furniture and atmospheres, in the exclusive hospitality but also in the delicate scent that fills its rooms and corridors. The fragrance Aquae di Como was created to capture the beauty of these places, to recreate the olfactory experiences that characterise Lake Como; its herbs, flowers, the smell of the woods carried by the wind and the soft caress of the lake with its mossy tones. Everything here soothes your senses; it embraces your soul and allows it to find itself again, lulling your body in countless pleasures. Once you are back home it will be wonderful to be able to revoke all these experiences through the scents that accompanied them.

GHT Moleskine

A special limited edition of Moleskine notebooks—the choice of Picasso and Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin’s constant travelling companion for notes and sketches—has been produced to celebrate 100 years of Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

The hotel logo stands out on the black cover, with its characteristic rounded corners, enclosed by an elastic band. Timeless and beautifully elegant, this classic niche stationery item, elite and nonconformist, is as legendary and unmistakable today as it was a century ago. Synonymous with culture, travel, imagination, memory and personal identity… just like our hotel.

The special Grand Hotel Tremezzo edition, its velvet ivory pages ready to receive sketches, notes and ideas, is available from our shop and online.

Torta Valentina

A delicious cocoa and almond cake made of soft layers of chocolate and the lightest sponge. This is Torta Valentina, named after the proprietors’ daughter and created to celebrate her first birthday.

Years have passed and Valentina is a grown woman now, but the cake is still the favourite dessert in our restaurant. So popular in fact that it has become customary for guests to ask for one to take home with them. This mouth-watering delicacy, created by chef Osvaldo Presazzi, is available as a reminder of your stay at Tremezzo. In its attractive golden box this culinary masterpiece travels the world with our dearest guests, a delectable ambassador for Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Baci del Lago

The tasty kiss-shaped biscuits, inspired by the many love stories past and present begun or consummated on the shores of Lake Como, are Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s way of bidding a sweet goodnight to its guests.

Every evening, after turndown, you will find some Baci del Lago on your bed. A local speciality, the biscuits are also available in an elegant gift pack from our shop.