The accent...

…is always on the thing that makes you feel perfectly yourself, here in our beautiful Palace and Park.

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The poetic and the prosaic: Italians know there’s endless beauty in them both

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Dare il Benvenuto: to give welcome

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo has more than a century of experience of making our guests feel Italy with all five of their senses—from the dashing cut of our marina attendants’ uniforms, to the passata di pomodoro that makes our pizzas the exquisite revelations of flavor they are. It’s in the thoughtfulness of the bartender who has your drink down by your second day, and the concierge who sends you to that perfect antique-jewelry seller, hidden down a picturesque Bellagio lane.
You’re greeted every day with smiles and buongiornos in equal abundance, and with the genuine desire to please—to understand your expectations, then exceed them; to presage your specific moments of joy, then craft them. Benvenuti, is what it’s all saying: you are most welcome.

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Not just a family hotel, but a family. Individuals sharing a common passion: to bring attention, creativity and joy to every interaction

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Qualità, eccellenza —and, sometimes, the sweetness of doing nothing

Since 1973 the De Santis family has tirelessly pursued the creation of a unique version of Italy here on our lake. Quality and excellence are hallmarks, of course; beauty too, naturally. But we believe italianità is above all a certain generosity of spirit. We believe in bringing you Italy as you want it to be. So, do it all—eat and drink, swim, boat, hike, explore. Or simply sit back on your sun lounger and indulge in that most quintessential of Italian pass times: il dolce far niente. Trust us, it’s a good way to spend an afternoon.

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Call it an art form,
call it a way of life: Italianità —the spirit, the character, the essence of Italy—is what we do best

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