Come aboard

Ask yourself: Would it even be Lake Como without a morning or afternoon idyll on the water? Our Marina and its fleet of vintage speedboats were created with your fantasy fulfilment in mind.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo Boats Other Batt 13


Grand Hotel Tremezzo Boats Other Batt 6

Batt was made-to-measure at one of the greatest Italian builders, the Vizianello shipyard in Venice (hence her classic Venetian-water taxi lines). She’s named for Giovanni Battista Mallone, who brought the Grand Hotel Tremezzo into the family, and who cherished his countless hours spent cruising on the lake with his beloved ones.

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Sleek and innately elegant—like her first owner, Tiberio Ruy Brandolini d’Adda—Ruy is a lancia de casada, the boats used by Venetian aristocracy (but you don’t have to be one to get how fabulous she is).


Grand Hotel Tremezzo Boats Other Pupa 3

Fetching from the jetty, and just as appealing on the water, Pupa takes the fond nickname of one of the great women of the Grand Hotel's founding family. With jaunty nautical navy-and-red paint details and an open cabin, she's a bit racy— perfect for an afternoon spent exploring.