Into the green

Lush and tranquil, the Grand Hotel’s grounds—some of the oldest and most expansive private ones on the lake—offer spaces for rest, play, indulgence and solitude.

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Flowers Pool

Surrounded by greenery and lined with indulgent parasols in our signature orange-and-white, our Flowers Pool has a perfect afternoon sun aspect and views both up and over the botanic garden and down to the lake.

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Is there anything chicer than an immaculate clay tennis court? How about one that offers breathtaking Lake Como views the whole time you're perfecting your backhand?

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Panoramic path

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Take a morning stroll along a quiet parkland path, dappled by the shade of palms. Lush azaleas paint the slopes with color; neat lines of olive trees, each one an impressionist sage-silver masterpiece, sparkle in the early sun. Walk onward, and reach our Belvedere, and the whole of the center lake spreads before you. The jewels of Varenna and Bellagio glitter on the far shore; the placid water in between mirrors the ever-changing cloudscape above. And you haven’t even left the property yet.

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Bobo the bear

The Grand Hotel’s beloved mascot, waiting at the top of the stunning path up to the Belvedere, with its extraordinary vistas, for whoever might want a selfie—or need a cuddle (kids and adults alike; no judgements here).

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T Garden

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Feel lush grass underfoot; lay back on one of our soft sun loungers; read a book, sip a drink, or simply daydream, as the lake winks and glimmers from just beyond the Palace.