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Do what you love doing, or dive into something new, thrilling, and definitively only here. We've curated a wealth of ways for you to delight in our lake and its surrounds.

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A trip back in time

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Lake Como's shores are dotted with dazzling villas. Built centuries ago by noble families, they've enchanted artists, poets, and visitors since time out of mind.

Wander their grand frescoed salons and immaculate gardens; lose yourself in their faxcinating histories. From Villa Carlotta, next to the Palace, to Villa Balbianello on its promontory, or the spectacular landscaped grounds of Villa Melzi, there are half a dozen splendid historic villas to be delved into—our concierge can arrange your private visit.

Beyond, of course, is the elegance of Lake Como itself—along with myriad smaller villages all up and down the lake, where waterfalls cascade behind quaint stone bridges, and jetties beckon you to come stroll and explore narrow back-lanes and inviting cafes.

The best seat in the house.... without question the one on the lake. A stay at the Grand isn't a stay, without an excursion on the water

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Admire the mountainscapes from a unique vantage point. Go slow, and take it all in; or feel the thrill of going very fast. You can venture out with a capitain in one of our vintage speedboats, or hire a self-drive motorboat; we'll arrange it for you. Or make like the locals and simply hop aboard the battello, the charming ferry which take you directly to Bellagio or down to Como; it's just a two-minute stroll up the road from our Palace.

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Delicious diversions

Explore fascinating culinary and winemaking traditions that are as much a part of culture here as villas and boats —or, learn to prepare tagliolini like a real nonna and throw dough like a vero pizzaiolo. Our hands-on, high-fun quotient cooking and pizza-making classes are hugely popular for a reason...

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Venture into the vineyards of Valtellina, the local wine region, or sip on star Italian vintages with our sommelier at L'Escale. Embark on a Como food tour, sampling local delicacies in the shadow of palaces and cathedrals. We've curated fascinating (and delicious) ways for you to delight in every Italian flavour.

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Moving at the timeless pace of humanity. There's no better way to appreciate Lake Como's unique landscapes than to experience them on foot.

Whether it's a contemplative stroll through the charming borgos along the 'Greenway' water front, or the peace of a woodland hike up to the medieval church of San Martino, we have found the best trails and routes of all levels, all around our lake. There are seasoned guides to lead you, or you can head out alone; we'll provide the maps.

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Active participatioN

Tell us your sport of choice: we've found the way to do it, Lake Como-style.

On the water or over land, stand up paddling or teeing up your drive. Horses and bicycles for the riders, kayaks for the explorers. Whatever suits your sporting fancy, in fact. (Including, of course, our own clay tennis court and coaches, right at the Hotel.)

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Modern thrills, vintage moments

Make your heart skip a beat


There's nothing like the rush of adrenaline—and joy—that accompanies a bit of abandon.

Drive a vintage Alfa Romeo for the car aficionadoes—hop in a sea-plane journey, with Alps views. Whether it's speed or altitude (or both!) that gets your blood going—or just taking a cherry-red vintage car for a spin, top down, wind in your hair—we can make it happen.

City lights, mountain trains and, yes, other lakes. There are endless discoveries awaiting in the surrounding region.

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Further-afield delights

Be transported by the beauty of Leonardo's Last Supper, or take a boat from Stresa to Isola Bella on Lago Maggiore, an immerse in the romance and intrigue of the Borromeo family. From touring Milan's magnificent cathedral to a ride on the legendary Bernina Express train, in every direction there's something marvellous worth discovering.

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Retail Therapy all'italiana

Of makers and moda

Artisans practicing time-honored crafts, fashion's most celebrated designers and everything imaginable in between. You're in the land of fantastic shopping.

Mine Milan's vintage jewelry dealers, milliners, couture shoemakers and more with a plugged-in guide. Or visit the outlets across the border, for all the best names. Or simply make a private appointment at our own T Shop, for access to one-of-a-kind collaborations and a curation of the finest things.

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Mix it up

A few, fun things

Because you want to make memories; because your inner artist is begging to come out; or simply because the whim takes you.

Get the selfie of dreams on our Instatour of the lake's most photographed spots; or bring a professional to your favorite vista or village, and stage a photoshoot of your own. Or perhaps you just want to get behind an easel and paint an unforgettable view, for a priceless keepsake. It's all about capture the moment—and the memories.

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Experts at your happiness

At the Grand Hotel, the unique and joyous moments you want to make, are what we love doing. So ask us anything.

Perhaps you've dreamed of 'discovering' a cosy trattoria in a less-known village. Or you want to have a bouquet of flowers, just so, delivered to the room. Or you're wondering what you can see or do with just an hour in Como. Whatever the wish, we welcome it.