Life by the water…

…is life with many options at the Grand Hotel. Our pools offer totally unique moods, from beach-side glamour over the lake to the soothing calm of our indoor-outdoor infinity pool—via the lovely alfresco swims to be had in our garden.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo Pools Julius DJI 0031

The jewel afloat on the Lake—glamorous, fun, and, let’s face it, downright sexy

With the allure of an aquamarine gem floating in lapis-hued waters, and Bellagio and le Grigne on the horizon, our Wow (Water-on the-Water, but also, just wow) Pool is one of a kind; a nexus of relaxation and revelry, all season long.

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Grand Hotel Tremezzo Pools Ruben 0G5A6755

Old-world charm and indulgent dimensions make this the ideal place to hone your dolce far niente technique

With its elegant travertine surround, delicate stone tiling and the scent of the surrounding gardens perfuming the air, the Flowers Pool has it all; shade and sun, greenery and lake views. Perfect for afternoon snoozes and happy splashing alike.

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Mirror-smooth and made for relaxation. With, naturally, views to sigh over

A different—but no less satisfying—perspective on the lake, with the comforts of our wellness zone. Long and lovely, shaded and serene, it overlooks the action while allowing you all the sense of serenity of an escape.