Beyond the blue, the green

Be seduced by what surrounds our Palace

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"The language of these enchanting places, which have no equal in the world…"
Henri Stendhal, writing of Lake Como in The Charterhouse of Parma, 1839

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An especially cultivated beauty

These grounds were once the botanic gardens of Villa Carlotta, and nature still takes the gentle shape of that symmetry today. Majestic trees and rare blooms marry in canvasses of living colour. Tall palms cast welcome pools of shade; the grass is lush and soft underfoot. Atop the hill, at the highest point of our park, stands an olive tree more than 300 years old. There's as much history—and aesthetic pleasure—out here, al fresco, as there is in the splendid spaces of our Palace.

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Wandering paths through palms and flower beds; seeking pleasure beside sun-tipped meadows; finding a peace like no other

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Landscapes for living the seasons

From the first limpid softness of April to the crisp last days of our season, the gardens and park that surround us are vivid with color and scent. In spring, find the hydrangeas and azaleas just beginning to tip, tiny blossoms preparing to dazzle you. In autumn, our maple trees blaze quietly with the warm tones of the cooler months. And always, moments of peace and quietude can be found in the sun and the shade; corners in which to immerse and enjoy nature's full splendour.

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"I do not know of any place more demonstrably blessed by heaven."
Franz Liszt writing of Lake Como, 1830s

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