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The stuff of which fables—and memories—are made

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"Is there a land of such supreme and perfect beauty anywhere?" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, from Cadenabbia, written on Lake Como in 1875

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Scenes that imprint on the soul: there's a reason this place is so written about

From your balcony, admire the majestic outlines of le Grigne: the gateway to the Alps, Lake Como’s very own magic mountains, glowing rosy in the summer sunset. Spot the patrician villas strung along the opposite shore, leading like a trail of pearls to the crown jewel of Bellagio.

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Here, there, everywhere:
beauty that envelops and enchants you, as it has so many others in history

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Every picture is picture-perfect harmony: a view from every corner, a story told through endless perspectives

The symmetry of a stone balustrade against a backdrop of sylvan hills.
An enfilade of umbrellas, their rich burnt-orange—that forever Tremezzo colour—against the green of the gardens. The electric aquamarine of our floating pool, in happy conversation with the deeper, more mysterious blue of the lake beyond.
Light spilling through French windows, bowered in comasco silks in deep saffron or palest rose—shades made to be set alight by the arrival of yet another perfect day.

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And after more than 100 years, it must be said:
we’ve gotten quite good at framing unforgettable memories

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