Our gastronomy continues the legacy of the late master of Italian cuisine – Gualtiero Marchesi.

The holder of three Michelin stars created the pioneering concept of Total Cuisine, pursuing simplicity, totality and recreation in every single dish. His creative mind, passion and commitment changed modern Italian cuisine forever.

Our Executive Chef, Osvaldo Presazzi, trained under this legend of Italian gastronomy and his influence lives on in the kitchens of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

The Chef

Osvaldo Presazzi has been Executive Chef at the Palace for over 25 years.

He brings his extensive experience in world-class fine dining restaurants to our kitchen, where he expertly recreates Gualtiero Marchesi’s signature dishes and designs others influenced by the legendary chef’s unique style.

Presazzi takes particular care over his ingredients, selecting fresh, seasonal produce from the Como area.

Gualtiero Marchesi

The late Gualtiero Marchesi is credited with being the father of modern Italian cuisine. The maestro, as he is affectionately called, made Italian cookery known to the world, by classic dishes with a modern and refined twist. He was the first Italian chef to be awarded three Michelin stars.

Today his legacy is in the hands of just a few restaurants, including La Terrazza at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. We are the proud custodians of his gastronomic heritage.