Private Dinner "Dimmidisì"

"Dimmidisì", just say yes, and a beautiful story begins.

“Just say yes, I want nothing more in life. Just say yes to our love. Just say yes to the beauty of Lake Como because it’s here, in this extraordinary place, that our dreams will come true.”

To make this moment even more magical, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers a collection of enchanting, private spots to dine together, just the two of you, as you take in the romantic atmosphere of Lake Como.

Everything is ready. The flowers, the music, the flickering candles, their light reflected in the sparkle of crystal and silver on the table. On the horizon is the velvety blue of Lake Como, above is a beautiful moon and star-strewn sky.

Now is the moment, you whisper "Dimmidisì".

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Villa Sola Cabiati

There is no better gift than that of celebrating your love in the exquisite Villa Sola Cabiati, a gorgeous eighteenth-century ducal residence.

And for dinner for two, nowhere is more sensuous than the Sala degli Stucchi, a gem of neoclassic art on the first floor of the villa. Complete with one of the most stunning views over Lake Como, the doors of this intimate, precious museum open just for the two of you.

The Gardens

A rose about to bloom: this is the delicate, concealed atmosphere in the most romantic corner of our garden. Welcoming you is a table, beautifully set for a candle-lit dinner. On the horizon, the reflection of the moon on the surface of the lake.

All around, the sweet embrace of fragrant flowers amid a charming private park of centuries past.


For the utmost in discreet sophistication, each of our magnificent suites can be transformed into the location of the private dinner you’ve been dreaming of.

The table is elegant, a profusion of candles and flowers, love in every detail, while off in the distance the lights of the lake gradually illuminate spring evenings and summer nights.

Framed by a sumptuous hall or a spectacular terrace with a breath-taking view of Lake Como, it all comes together to evoke a yes, no matter the question.

T Beach

Romance on the water to celebrate a love which shines as brightly as all the stars in the sky. Your table in the most secluded corner of T-Beach awaits.

The sand beneath your feet, still warm from the afternoon sun, delicacies from the menu dreamed up by a master chef, made especially for you, and all the shades of blue in Lake Como on the horizon.

Sala Contessa

Fairy tales capture our childhood hearts, and as we grow up, we never forget them. Grand halls with coffered ceilings, immense windows perfectly framing a romantic landscape, and the elegance of a secluded table for two covered in a white linen tablecloth, shimmering silverware and scintillating crystal  glasses.

For some it will remain forever a fairytale; for others it is a private dinner in the historic Sala Contessa.