Sense Of Lake

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Whether it is the first day of a trip or the last, deciding what to take with you is always on a traveler’s mind. The right answer is dreams, stories, memories…

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Sense of Lake promises just that, an everlasting journey that begins before you arrive at Grand Hotel Tremezzo and follows you home, because beautiful objects are also magical ones: they keep our memories alive. Sense of Lake is also the joy we experience when we discover each fascinating object and present it to you, sending the elegant, timeless charms of Lake Como to shine in all four corners of the world.

For our boutique, we select curiosities and wonders that will adorn your life with the same sun-kissed glow and the same carefree spirit that make every day at Grand Hotel Tremezzo unforgettable. We look for stories that captivate us, telling a tale of excellence and artistry with every object in our boutique. We are careful to seek out only craftsmen who are authentic and sensitive interpreters of Italian style, expertly turning dreams and ideas into unique objects, veritable masterpieces.

“Sense of Lake is an everlasting journey that begins before you arrive at Grand Hotel Tremezzo and follows you home.”

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Some of our collections are created exclusively for the boutique and often give rise to beautiful, lasting friendships made of shared passions and emotions. It is our hope that Sense of Lake will evoke in you the same spark of discovery we feel as its curators.

Every encounter, every idea, every gift we propose is intended to heighten your senses the way being on the lake does, a feeling almost like falling in love when everything is suddenly so intense, so surprising, and every tiny detail becomes an entire universe. Sense of Lake is a hint of orange, like the sun warming your heart; a glitter of gold, reflecting the magic of Lake Como; a touch of silk, as timeless as the Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s age-old charms. This is what travel is all about, finding a sense of belonging in a faraway place and making it a part of us for ever and ever.