Sense of Lake, a tribute to Passalacqua

Valentina And Her Mother

Even on the most glorious vacation, there always comes a moment of sorrow when it’s time to leave. And yet, your memory of those happy days in the paradise that is Lake Como will stay with you forever.

Sense Of Lake Passalacqua

It is as if the “sense” of this landscape – with its incomparable light, its scents and birdsong carried on a lake breeze, its complete serenity – is reluctant to leave you, too. Sense of Lake, our online boutique with a carefully curated collection of objects, fragrances and accessories from some of Italy’s most beloved brands, was born just for this occasion: an infinite experience of the ever-elegant and subtle charms, the quiet joy of the lost art of Italian travel known as villeggiatura.

Surely many of our guests and readers are already familiar with the wonders in our collection created exclusively for Grand Hotel Tremezzo, but they may not yet have discovered the limited editions paying tribute to Passalacqua. Most notably, the quite original fragrance of our Aqua Como 1787 line, a tribute to the “birthday” of the historic villa now owned by the De Santis family, which features in our eau de parfum, natural reed diffusers and scented candles. A veritable bouquet of flowers and fruit, springs and summers, evoking the exhilaration of the day and the intimacy of the moonlight that resonates in every corner of our garden as you make your way down to the shore.

Looking for something as light and seductive as the sunlight sparkling on the lake’s surface? Then it has to be silk! And just like that, the Foulard No. 50 Passalacqua Special Edition was born, produced by Mantero 1902 and inspired by a design from the legendary Como brand’s deep archives. Yet another scarf, perhaps? Wrap yourself up in the extraordinary softness of Faliero Sarti’s modal and cashmere fabrics with the entire estate in triumph of color like an 18th-century watercolor.

1 Foulard Passalacqua
Sense Of Lake Bric's And Chez Dede

But we live in the present, after all, and we know the benefits of staying in shape. Once you have experienced Backlabel’s activewear made of natural fibers, you will not want to miss their crisp yet cozy yakutas in Passalacqua’s signature white and gold – designed especially for us by the world’s first wellness brand.

Now evening has fallen: On the opposite shore lights twinkle, in the corridors candles flicker, and on the walls reflections dance from the Swarovski crystals on our extravagant Le Ninè bags – the new epitome of feminine, made-in-Italy elegance in a Passalacqua palette of pearl grey and silver, gold and white. Cut to a tote of completely different dimensions and strut down the stairs with a special edition Grand Sac by Chez Dédé in cotton and leather featuring our Voile de Côme motif.

It cannot possibly be true, and yet it seems we do have to leave this enchanting place, whether we travel only a few miles or several hours on a plane to return home. How will ever we overcome the nostalgia? Perhaps with a special-edition trolley or holdall inspired by Passalacqua’s lush gardens and manufactured by Bric’s, a family of craftsmen and women that have been on Lake Como for generations. What’s in the bag? Above all, the magical wood-fiber sheets from Beltrami, which have gifted us “a thousand and one nights” of luxurious sleep. And don’t forget your L.G.R sunglasses, made entirely by hand by a trio of Italian artisan families – the moment you put them on at home, the memories of those blissful days by the lake flash before your very eyes...

Valentina De Santis