T Beach

Being beside the lakeside just got even more fabulous.

With real sand, white loungers and parasols, T Beach is a truly unique lido on Lake Como. And what a spectacle it is! While away long hours sunbathing, dipping into the irresistible floating pool, sipping on a refreshing cocktail. With the spectacular scenery of the Lake in front of you.

La dolce vita is this.

Seaside by the lakeside

With real soft sand underfoot and refreshing little splashes of water, you may be tricked into thinking you’re at the seaside. Then you’ll open your eyes to the awe-inspiring scenery of Bellagio and the Grigne mountains, and you’ll come straight back to the dreamy reality of Lake Como.

Dips that WOW!

Slipping into the refreshing waters of our floating pool, Water-On-The-Water, is a wholly new way to swim in the Lake. Slowly ease yourself or plunge in to indulge in an essential part of the T Beach experience.

Giacomo al Lago restaurant

After a long day of lounging by the lakeside, don't miss a lunch or dinner at Giacomo al Lago, where the waves gently lap at the shore and the sky is the deepest blue, with reflections of the sun. Cherry on the cake, the best fish recipes of the Italian tradition.