The most memorable dips of your life await in our three awe-inspiring pools.


Water-On-The-Water and the word you will utter when you see the spectacle.

An azure oasis floating on the lake waters, WOW offers exhilarating dips surrounded by the lake waters and the breath-taking scenery of the Grigne mountains.

Flowers Pool

Tucked away in a secluded nook of our Palace park, the Flowers Pool offers you total tranquility.

Slip into the refreshing waters framed with fragrant flowers, age-old trees and Riviera palms and watch time pass by amid blossoming nature.

Infinity Pool

The Grand’s magical indoor pool, the Infinity Pool is a sight to behold.

Connected to the T Spa, this is a place to find wellness. With azure waters flowing boundlessly into the lake in a breath-taking illusion, immerse yourself and be gently re-energized by the spectacle before you.