The Grand Hotel Tremezzo has lived through over 100 years of history, from the exuberance of the Grand Tour, through the early 20th century, to the modern-day concept of vacation.

Though always adapting to your needs, the spirit of the Belle Époque lives on at the Grand. An essence that is hard to pinpoint, but what undoubtedly makes a stay with us so special.

Family beginnings

Enea Gandola opened the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on July 10th, 1910 to great public fanfare. A gentleman from Bellagio, Gandola spent many years traveling through Europe with his wife Maria Orsolini. Upon their return to Italy, they decided to build a truly unique hotel, inspired by those they had seen on their travels in European cities, a place of sophistication that would meet the needs of a new, illustrious type of traveler.

Belle Époque

Frivolity and exuberance, decadence and excess: the Belle Époque was a fabulous time to be alive. High society took long voyages overseas in pursuit of art, culture and knowledge, and Lake Como was a favorite destination. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo welcomed noble, aristocratic and bourgeois families, treating them to stunning scenery, plush accommodation and glamorous entertainment.

Our icon: Greta Garbo

In the 1932 film Grand Hotel, Greta Garbo referred to the Grand as “that happy, sunny place”, creating, in a few words, the modern-day concept of the vacation. To this day, the Grand remains a place for you to escape everyday worries in the glamorous style of Greta Garbo, our icon of charm and style.

Here’s to the next 100 years!

On July 10th, 2010, we celebrated our centennial anniversary with an exclusive party that illuminated the shores of the Lake. We are extremely proud to have had the honor to transport our historic jewel into the new millennium, upholding the elite tradition of vacationing on Lake Como, treating you, season after season, to the result of our long history, awe-inspiring views and personalized hospitality. It comes as no surprise then that the lakeside Grand remains as popular as ever.