Italy is world-famous for its food and wine, and Lake Como is no exception. If you love to indulge in the finer things in life, our exclusive foody experiences are just for you.

Run away to the verdant vineyards, retire to the cool cellars, taste fine labels or learn the art of pasta making and lose yourself in the world of tastes, flavours and aromas.

Wine tasting

Discover the great wines of Italy. Our knowledgeable sommelier will guide you through a selection of the finest Italian wines in the elegant atmosphere of the Palace’s wine bar, L’Escale, which boasts a collection of over 300 Italian labels. Choose the region or the grape you’d like to explore and enjoy the subtle notes on the palate and on the nose accompanied by delicious canapés designed by the chef.

Cooking lessons

Grandmas across Italy hand down the art of pasta making through the generations. Inspired by this tradition, our cooking class will teach you not only how to make perfect pasta, but an entire Italian menu, which you will then sit down to enjoy in front of a lake view.

This fun experience is ideal for groups of friends and families. Please allow 12 hours for the concierge to organise this experience.

Vineyards tours

Lose yourself in the art of viticulture in Valtellina, a relatively unknown yet fantastic wine region within striking distance of Lake Como. Run an hour away up the hills and step back in time to vines tended entirely by hand and some truly unique vintages.

Discover the exclusive vineyards of Nino Negri and learn about their age-old production techniques, taste the result of their bottled fruits and enjoy a traditional lunch. Please allow 24-48 hours for the concierge to organise this experience.