2022 at the Grand

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s highest priority is always our guests’ happiness, and during these unprecedented times, we know all too well that happiness comes from health and safety being pride of place.
We have therefore worked tirelessly to put together a set of procedures to keep you safe and give you peace of mind during your stay with us. A panoply of essential measures that has been implemented across our hotel and facilities with the focus always being on you and your dream vacation.
It is with this goal in mind that we have done our utmost to make our safety measures blend into the background as far as possible, so you can relax and enjoy, as always.
We are here, now more than ever, to indulge every whim so you can escape the world for a while and be carefree, enjoying the endless delights of our beloved Lake Como.

Thanks to our efforts on health and safety, we are proud to announce that we have become Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED™ with Forbes Travel Guide.
This verification comes with an easily identifiable “seal of approval” – the Sharecare VERIFIED™ with Forbes Travel Guide badge – based on a hotel’s compliance with expert-validated best practices that minimize the risk and impact of COVID-19 and potential future public health events.

What does all this mean?

A stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in 2022 is a stay that is just as incredible as any other year, if not better. Our five bars and restaurants, award-winning T Spa and renovated iconic T Beach will all be at your disposal so you can discover the wonders of the Palace at their very best.
We will do everything we can to make you feel safe and at ease, tailoring, as far as possible, your experience to your level of concern.
Our staff await with smiling eyes – their faces covered with personalized masks crafted in Como just for us – to transform this summer into a memorable one, with a sprinkling of Italian glamour and the friendliness we’re famed for.

Behind the scenes

Though shielded from our guests’ eyes, back of house we’ve implemented a strict set of procedures to protect your health and the health of our fantastic team. From a periodic Covid-test screening to the whole staff, daily temperature checks, one-way systems and defined processes to obligatory disinfection at every key point and the use of certified PPE at all times when on the property, we have considered everything down to the last detail to guarantee the highest levels of safety.

On stage: our smiles

Beyond our stunning lakeside location and dreamy facilities, it is our teams’ warm and caring service that makes a stay at the Grand something incredibly special. We have therefore trained our eyes to reflect the smile under our masks so you can feel just as welcome and looked after as always. Eyes are, after all, the mirrors of the soul.

Looking forward

Before your vacation begins, we will be in touch so we can personalize your experience and make you feel completely safe. We’re interested in finding out your preferences when it comes to service levels and interactions during your stay. So, when you get here, all you need to worry about is which pool to take a dip in and which delicious restaurant you want to try out tonight.

When you arrive at the Grand

If you have arranged a transfer with our preferred provider through our Concierge, you will be chauffeured in sanitized vehicles. There is a maximum capacity of 2 passengers for a sedan car and 4 passengers for a minivan.
If you are arriving by car, our valets would be delighted to complete a full disinfection and change of air once your vehicle is parked, if you so wish.
Your luggage will be delivered to your room once it has been carefully sanitized.
Check-in procedures will be carried out with care and in compliance with the personalized approach we discussed with you beforehand. You can choose whether you would like to be escorted to your room and if you would like to be shown around the Palace and your accommodation.

A delicious welcome

You are special to us and we want to make you feel that way even when an ‘in-room-amenity’ is more complicated to offer you than usual. That’s why our Room Service team will personally deliver you some bubbles and fresh little treats for you to enjoy in-room once you’ve checked in (we will not do this, if you prefer us not to).

Your room

In the rooms, all the décor, wooden floors and furniture have been redesigned so they can always be kept sanitized while guaranteeing the same level of comfort and beauty. And on top of that, you can select how many times you want your room to be cleaned everyday throughout your stay, so you can relax with total peace of mind.

Concerned about air conditioning?

We would like to reassure you that the air conditioning in your room is completely safe. The remote in your guestroom or suite controls the air conditioning your space only; the air is not circulated elsewhere before or after. This is an advanced system that leverages the cold water of the lake, which not only stops the air from spreading, but is also highly eco-friendly.

Thanks to the superb location of the hotel, all the lounges and common areas enjoy fresh air coming in the windows at all times of day, meaning we don’t need to use air conditioning in these spaces. Additionally, the vast majority of the hotel spaces are outdoors, namely our various open-air terraces and over 5 acres of grounds where our exclusive facilities are nestled.

Breakfast time

The buffet breakfast has always been one of the highlights of staying at the Grand, and we want you to continue to revel in its wonder. This year, we have opted for a served buffet, a selection of delicious treats featuring a changing menu of our Chef’s specials, making breakfast a moment of pure joy. If you prefer, you can, of course, choose to breakfast in-room, enjoying a gentle awakening from your balcony in total privacy.

Buon appetito!

Though you might not have expected it this season, all of our five bars and restaurants are open and waiting to seduce your palate with their full menus and a wide selection of Italian delicacies, just with more space for you and even more attentive, dedicated service.

Private dining
You no longer need the excuse of a proposal to plan a private dinner. If you fancy dining in an intimate and beautiful setting with only your loved ones and the starlit sky for company, we’ll be happy to help you make your dream come true. Just imagine cozying up in our verdant park, a secluded corner of T Beach and much more...

Take a dip

The choice of where to bathe is no easy one, we know. But whether you opt for our floating Water-on-the-Water pool, Flowers Pool or T Spa infinity pool, our lifeguards will always be present to monitor access to the water. You’ll find plenty of space, and privacy too, to lounge in the sun around all the pools, so you can try out all three, and discover which is your favorite.

Our oasis of wellness

Taking time to dedicate to self-care is incredibly important right now. We have therefore enriched our collection of Spa treatments, designed together with the Italian expertise of Santa Maria Novella, using products made from the herbs grown in our gardens, to give you the moment of wellness you deserve. When you book your treatment, you will be asked whether you prefer your practitioner to be wearing gloves, or for them to regularly disinfect their hands. The humid area will only be available for private bookings to be made in advance with our T Spa Team, so you can succumb to total relaxation in intimacy.

T Experiences

Our Concierges have always been delighted to help you organize your daytrips on the lake, and this year more than ever they have focused on arranging off-the-beaten-track tours, granting private access to villas and gardens which are normally closed to the public, and crafting exclusive experiences to enjoy in total privacy. The know every secret there is to know about our destination and can access any type of out-of-the-ordinary activity, as long as it’s authentic, so you can live exactly like a local.

On the waters

The best seat in the house remains, nevertheless, aboard one of our stunning water limousines as you take a glamorous excursion around every glistening corner of the lake. Traveling in style on Ruy and Batt like any other year, and enjoy the sense of freedom more than ever.

Secure departure

In order to grant you a smooth and safe travel home, upon request, we can arrange a PCR test on property. The cost of the test will be added to your room bill and it is euro 95 (with a supplement of euro 20 in case you need it to be translated into English). Please allow us at least 72 hours to book this service.