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“Haute cuisine cannot disregard the grand hotels that produced it”

Gualtiero Marchesi is making his mark on the cuisine at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.
Since the beginning of 2011 season, guests have been discovering a new influence on Osvaldo Presazzi, the hotel’s Executive Chef for twentyfive years.
Presazzi has been refreshing his ideas with spells at the legendary Marchesi restaurants in Franciacorta and Milan, and picking up some of the maestro’s style.

That of Gualtiero Marchesi is a Total Cuisine, a gastronomic concept constructed as a stream of thought. Elegant creations that become culture with no concessions to the spectacular end in itself and anything that hinders the purest expression of the ingredients. This is the Master's stylistic cipher. The attainment of Simplicity, Taste and Beauty is the final objective of a cognitive process.