Al Fresco

It is practically impossible to resist being taken aback by the natural wonderland surrounding the Grand. Imposing mountains jut powerfully into the sky contrasting with the shimmering expanse of water tranquilly flowing in the foreground, detailed with beautiful villages clinging to the shoreline.  

Our selection of outdoor spaces and restaurants offer the most stunning natural backdrop for your outdoor ceremony, cocktail party or casual get-together. 


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Ceremony Garden

Tucked away in a secluded nook of the rear garden sits the Ceremony Garden. 

This intimate slice of the Grand park can host up to 100 guests to celebrate your wedding, anniversary or other important landmark in total harmony with nature. Your special day made even more precious by the ambiance of times gone by and the glistening spectacle of the Lake before you. 

T Pizza

Situated next to the serenity of the Flowers Pool, T Pizza is ideal for a pizza party, casual get-together or poolside drinks for up to 100 people. 

The crackling of the wood oven and fragrances of the beautiful flowers pair with the charming waters of the pools and Lake, creating a uniquely stunning ambiance for your event. Only improved by the delights of an authentic Neapolitan pizza, refreshing drinks and ice cream truck. 

t beach

Cocktail soirées, informal parties and aperitivi are elevated to the level of unforgettable at T Beach, our lakeside beach restaurant. 

Imagine the lake waters flickering in the candlelight, the smooth notes of the saxophone or violin oscillating through the chitter-chatter and up to 150 guests sipping on delicious concoctions created by our expert mixologist. Under the stars, with sand underfoot.