The Villa

Exclusive Events

Aristocratic and exclusive, Villa Sola Cabiati will bring a sparkle, and great joy, to our guests’ special moments.

Like a court ballroom, the marvelous Italian garden, park, and frescoed halls are suited to every type of event – from the most intimate and romantic to the most spectacular – the perfect backdrop to private dinners, weddings and private photoshoots.

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“Dimmidisì” Private Dinners

A more romantic setting to declare or celebrate your love simply does not exist.

The splendid Italian garden facing the lake, the magnificent Sala degli Stucchi, the rooms of the museum opened exclusively for you are the most elegant, exclusive and discreet locations to experience the most unforgettable dinner  for two.

Days at the villa

A day like no other, a simply marvelous day out at Villa Sola Cabiati.

Starting with a light breakfast in a magnificent frescoed luncheon room, then a guided tour of the awe-inspiring art collections and period furniture.

Followed by a picnic, a barbecue in the splendid garden, and a refreshing dip in the private pool. What could be more wonderful…

Special events

As early as the 18th century, Villa Sola Cabiati was famed for the style of its illustrious receptions. The neoclassical harmony of the architecture and the Italian garden overlooking the ever-changing hues of the lake enchanted guests, leaving them breathless.

Today the residence is still considered a symbol of the elegance and serenity of Lake Como, and is the perfect setting to celebrate your event – whether it be an intimate party nestled in the finery of the private rooms or a spectacular reception in the frescoed halls and fresh Italian gardens.


Imagine Villa Sola Cabiati, its 18th century charm… and then imagine the most beautiful wedding. Picture the bride and groom stepping off a period motor launch onto the fairy tale mooring leading to the villa. Welcoming their guests in the marvelous Italian garden and the splendor of the frescoed halls. We know they love details, as we know the choice of Villa Sola Cabiati is one of love. Love for art, love for tranquility, love for the indisputable charm of Lake Como.

The halls of Villa Sola Cabiati are an elegant setting for intimate weddings while the magnificent park overlooking the lake is a wonderful green space to receive larger parties.


Elegant, harmonious, unique. With its splendid Italian gardens and magnificent halls frescoed by the Tiepolo school, Villa Sola Cabiati is the ideal set for the most sophisticated private photoshoot.

Photographers will adore the elegance and the harmony of a 18th century residence, home of the most noble families in Italy and symbol of the undisputed charm of Lake Como.