T Shop

Located in the Palace courtyard, the T Shop offers a unique collection of gifts reflecting everything that makes the Grand Hotel Tremezzo as fabulous as it is – the scents, the atmosphere, the view, the intangible je ne sais quoi.

Pop in whenever you fancy and our sales assistants will be delighted to help you find the perfect souvenir for that special someone.

Bobo the Bear

Bobo is the mascot of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. This adorable teddy has won the heart of young and old with his cute, fluffy face. His cave is nestled somewhere in the park – why don’t you try to find out where it is?

The Grand book collection

The T Shop offers a collection of books exploring the history of the Grand and the Lake.

Discover a Great Gatsby world where writers, musicians and aristocrats flock to the shores of Lake Como in search of recreation as well as practical itineraries through villages and taverns so you can live an authentic experience of the Lake.

Aqua Como

The magic of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo can be difficult to pin down.

Aqua Como captures this elusive essence in an exclusive fragrance. Recreating the scents of the plants and flowers carried on the soft breeze, this perfume will evoke everything that is intangibly wonderful about the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, spiriting you away to the Palace when you are back at home.

GHT Moleskine

A limited edition of Moleskine notebooks – Picasso and Hemingway’s favorite companion – has been made to celebrate 100 years of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

With the hotel logo imprinted on the black cover, the GHT Moleskine is as timeless as it is elegant, as unmistakable today as it was a century ago. Treat yourself and let your thoughts and ideas flow on the ivory pages.