The Hotel

The view

Simply the most beautiful view on lake Como...

Some places have been truly blessed by nature. Rare corners of the earth where the landscape, the atmosphere, climate and the signs of man combine in such a magical harmony as to effortlessly resist the passing of time and fashions. Lake Como is such a place.

At the end of the 18th century Wordsworth wrote of the extraordinary power of certain sights to stay with you throughout your life. He speaks of the experience of a total fusion with nature, rare visions and moments that reveal themselves to be crucial elements in one's existence giving rise to a thousand flashbacks much later on. Wordsworth called them spots of time – instances of heart stopping beauty. When beauty enters the soul—a voyage, a view, a memory— and carries you away.

If one were to choose just one panorama to sum up sublime romanticism and wonder of Lake Como, one image to capture and take home with you, it would have to be that of Bellagio, the Grigne and Punta Balbianello. And this is the view from the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a view one can only get from here. It is nature’s special gift to the hotel in this privileged corner of the planet. It is Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s special gift to its guests, and to you.