Lake Como


Scintillating, discreet, magnetic

Let’s skip personalities of the stature of Goethe and Flaubert, Byron and Liszt, or Churchill and move right on to the many Hollywood stars who shared a love of Lake Como.

Greta Garbo led the way in the 1930s, followed by Hitchcock and Frank Sinatra and recently the list of American stars enamoured of the lake has grown apace. Not just for breaks and vacations, but as a location for blockbusters, soaps and movies of all genres. As well as being an idyllic place to live or have a second home, a hideaway from the jet set life, but not too removed. George Clooney bought Villa Oleandra in Laglio and brought his friends and colleagues—Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Before them came Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, De Niro and Matt Damon and Cindy Crawford, to name but a few. They say “the Hollywood tribe knows best…” so it’s no surprise they all chose the middle section where the two branches of Lake Como meet.

This is the most beautiful area with its breathtaking natural scenery and the rich legacy of man’s presence through the ages. Villages and villas, churches and castles, archaeological remains and museums offer countless opportunities for a thrilling voyage of discovery. Art, gastronomy, culture and countryside provide an unparalleled choice of attractions that is a sin to miss. There’s something for everyone. But one of the beauties of this area is its inimitable taste which has preserved unspoilt this destination for a happy few. Dubbed ‘Lariowood’ by the VIPs who flock here, like Donatella Versace and Richard Branson, its real charm is that of discretion and understatement, and the many hidden gems to be discovered.