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ESPA Massages

50 or 80 minutes
ESPA aromatherapy massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs. Choose from the following:
Detoxifier, De-Stresser, Muscle Relaxer, Jet-Lag Reviver, Immune Booster, Energiser, Body Toner
Includes: Aromatherapy massage to back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck/shoulder massage        

DEEP MUSCLE MASSAGE – with or without hot stones
50 or 80 minutes
A powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress.
Specialised techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck, painful lower back pain and sore, tight shoulders.
Includes: Specialised massage to specific areas of concern

50 or 80 minutes         
A traditional full body massage using firm pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. This treatment is ideal as an introduction to massage; stimulating movements help soothe tired aching muscles to leave you relaxed and revived.
Includes: Swedish massage to back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck/shoulder massage

Why not complement your treatment with:

20 minutes
This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple. Perfect as a stand-alone treatment, or in preparation for an ESPA Massage. For a lighter application Exfoliating Body Polish is applied instead of Salt & Oil Scrub.

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