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ESPA Body Treatments

We offer a huge range of solution led ESPA body treatments and massages, each one designed and tailored specifically to ensure you experience the best physical and emotional therapeutic benefits depending on your needs.  

BACK, FACE & SCALP TREATMENT with hot stones
80 minutes
Renowned as our ‘Hero’ treatment and loved by all; this ESPA experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas  – the back, the face and the scalp, making it the ideal treatment for anyone.
Includes: Back exfoliation and hot stone back massage – personalised facial – scalp massage

110 minutes
This treatment combines a body wrap and massage to restore equilibrium, peace of mind and bring deep relaxation to body and spirit.  
Following body exfoliation, a Marine Algae or Mud wrap is applied to the body and the scalp is gently massaged. Once you have taken a refreshing shower, a tailor made aromatherapy massage takes place, leaving you with a sense of well-being, cleansed and revitalised. Choose from the following:
Detoxifier, De-Stresser, Muscle Relaxer, Jet-Lag Reviver, Immune Booster, Energiser, Body Toner
Includes: Body exfoliation – Algae or Mud wrap – scalp massage – Aromatherapy massage

50 minutes
A highly effective, stimulating treatment to target cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture.
Using potent marine extracts, iced mitts, a deep detoxifying massage and specialised stomach massage techniques to help cleanse and purify the body, giving excellent results. Ideal for people concerned by the appearance of cellulite. A course of 6 treatments is recommended.
Includes: Skin brush – detoxifying Salt and Oil Scrub – detoxifying massage to specific area – specialised colonic massage techniques

40 minutes
This revitalising treatment for tired feet and heavy legs helps reduce puffiness and soothe aches and pains and is suitable for all.  Great after hiking, biking, water ski-ing or simply walking one of the Lake trails. Includes: specific massage to feet and legs.

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