T Spa infinity Pool

In the sanctum of the T Spa, the indoor infinity swimming pool (15 m x 2,75 m) is a strip of azure, ultra pure energy. Two parallel baths linked by a beautiful arched passage give a double infinity effect with the stunning view of Lake Como repeated in the outdoor Jacuzzi and lounge area. One pool right on the lake front seems to enter the lake as if by magic. The other, in its own artificial cavern, remains concealed within T Spa.

Together the two baths offer five different types of Jacuzzi, some hidden away in the private grotto: beds with air bubbles; blade cascades for cervical massage; water jets and oxygen bubbles from the mosaic bottom of the pool to massage the soles of the feet; hydro massage in the circular lake-front Jacuzzi. And fitness enthusiasts can try swimming against an adjustable current.