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Family rooms

Quiet and spacious, your own private haven: our Family Rooms are ideal for guests holidaying with children or other family members. There are two apartments, each with its own private entrance, boasting two bedrooms and a double bathroom with shower and bath.

The Family Rooms are located on the top floor of Villa Emilia (an 18th-century building which once belonged to Emilia Sommariva, who also owned Villa Carlotta), adjacent and directly linked to the Hotel. The T Kids play area and TV Room are situated on the Hotel’s ground floor.

There are two Family Rooms. Decorated in green and gold, the Classic Family Room is set at the rear of the Villa in an exceptionally quiet position. With red and gold furnishings, the Emilia Family Room overlooks the Lake. It includes the former master bedroom of Countess Sommariva, from whom it takes its name, and boasts an exquisite marble fireplace as well as the modern-day comfort of a whirlpool bath.

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