Grand Hotel Tremezzo
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T Beach

A magic circle which holds a host of new flavours... the centre of the new cuisine at Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Brand new “Onfalos” is a wonderful circular platform which, from next season onwards, will turn our T Beach into a real “gourmet destination for summer”.

Drawing on all the culinary creativity of Gualtiero Marchesi, one of the most innovative names in Italian food and the chef who inspires our Hotel, our new T Beach is just a stone’s throw from the Lake and our magnificent floating swimming pool.

Guests will be able to savour exquisite fish, meat, vegetable and cheese grills (not to mention desserts) which exude the most genuine of flavours. Our chefs will prepare each dish in front of our guests, giving them their own lesson in fine cuisine with a stunning backdrop: the tip of Bellagio as it disappears into the blue.


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