Fine Dining

Maestro Marchesi

Lombard, cosmopolitan, irreverent creative and tireless trailblazer, Gualtiero Marchesi is the chef who made the biggest contribution to the evolution of Italian cuisine and its popularity worldwide. He has created historic dishes, ideated prize-winning venues that are Meccas for gourmets, and made exploration and experimentation hallmarks of his work… But above all this musician and art-lover has raised haute cuisine to artistic levels as few other master chefs have done, creatively blending power of expression with a taste for the avant-garde and succeeding in fulfilling his project: “It’s time to revolutionize courses, presentation and the wine list. This is a fundamental moment, the culinary post-musical revolution!”

With a lust for life and never tiring of innovating, learning, sharing and teaching, in his more than 60-year career Gualtiero Marchesi has reinvented the concept of cuisine, constructing an alchemy of continually evolving tastes around three cardinal points: simplicity (which is the true art, the balance of material and form in ingredients and in cooking); totality (because food is savoured with all our senses, and the ambience is fundamental) and recreation (because food is enjoyment for body, mind and heart).

He has set an example for many of the new chefs emerging on the international scene, continuing to put into practice that perfect amalgam of irreverence and strictness that has always been the recipe of his success, the secret ingredient that for years has been seducing the most demanding palates.